A Word From Our Pastor

Proverbs 22:28   Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

The Scripture states that we are to retain the old paths and we are not to remove the ancient landmarks which have been set by our fathers. In a day in which people seem to have no, or very little, spiritual direction, there is a great need for a landmark to stand out and be seen.

We, here at the Lighthouse Worship Center, have endeavored to set such a landmark. As a beacon set on a hill, we are here sending out the light of the glorious gospel into a dark and irresolute generation giving direction to the lost of our generation.

The old path of Scriptural authority is the way in which man should walk. The Scripture is very clear that repentance is still an honored thing to do. Helping to change ones life is the goal of this congregation of born-again, redeemed saints.

We are still baptizing in Jesus’ Name just like they did in the Bible. Helping you to bury you past is something that we would like to do. Coming to the baptismal fount and taking on the Name of Jesus is one of the best things that you can do for your life. We then will assist you to walk in newness of life.

This newness of life is a power-packed experience that you personally have with the Lord Jesus Christ. You, too, can receive the blessed experience of the Holy Ghost and not have to go back to the life that Christ is now bringing you out of.

The Lighthouse Worship Center is here to assist you to find a new life and a new hope. Come and give us a try and see that God can change things for the better for you and your family.

Pastor Eugene Rushing